Methylation regulation network inference with Conditional Mutual information based PC-algorithem


miRNACancerMAP is an user-friendly web server with integrated data sources and computational workflow, allowing users to search for miRNA-cancer information, and easily analyze their own miRNA data by multiple miRNA algorithms with extensive annotation, under the framework of network topology characterization and interactive interrogation. Our server will help the user to discover the activated miRNA-mRNA regulation in cancers, and search for the cancer driver miRNAs and tumor suppressor miRNAs. Our server can also help user to plot their regulatory network in customized appearance


CR2Cancer is a comprehensive annotation and visualization database for chromatin regulators (CRs) in human cancer constructed by high throughput data analysis and literature mining. It contains: (1) genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, clinical and functional information for CRs across multiple cancer types; (2) diverse types of CR-associated relations, including cancer type dependent and independent ones; (3) aberrant molecular change and interactions of CRs in cancer development manually curated from publications.


MR4Cancer is able to prioritize master regulators (MRs) driving a phenotypic divergence involved in a particular cancer type. Based on the input gene list (e.g. differential expressed genes) or expression profile with two groups, it outputs ranked MRs by enrichment testing against the predefined regulons. Simultaneously, Gene Ontology and canonical pathway analyses are also conducted to elucidate the function of potential MRs. Moreover, MR4Cancer provides dynamic network visualization for MR-target relations, and users can interactively interrogate the network to produce new hypotheses and high-quality figures for publication.


TISIDB is a gene-focused integrated repository portal for tumor-immune system interactions. TISIDB allows users to interrogate the function of a specific gene in tumor-immune interplay through literature mining and the data analysis of genome-wide screening and high-throughput profiling.


GastricCancerMAP, a fully integrated database to provide a comprehensive collection of gastric cancer related data. Based on literature mining of PubMed and formalization of large scale OMICs data, GastricCancerMAP covers 2,2471 publications, 2,963 tumor samples and 19 gastric cancer cell lines.


Somatic mutation annotation and visualization