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Chromatin Regulators (CRs) can dynamically modulate chromatin architecture to epigenetically regulate gene expression in response to intrinsic and extrinsic signalling cues. It mainly refers to three categories of epigenetic mechanisms: DNA methylation, histone modifications and nucleosome placement. The interplay of these marks constitutes an epigenomic landscape, which could be recognized, established and maintained by CRs in a cell context-dependent fashion. Somatic alterations or dysregulation of CRs could destroy local or global epigenetic patterns, leading to a wide range of diseases, notably cancer. In addition, due to the reversible nature of epigenetic modifications, a number of small molecules that inhibit the activity of aberrant CRs have been in clinical use or trial for cancer therapy.

CR2Cancer is a comprehensive annotation and visualization database for CRs in human cancer constructed by high throughput data analysis (e.g. TCGA and CCLE) and literature mining (PubMed). It contains:

  • Genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic, clinical and functional information for over 400 CRs across multiple cancer types.

  • Diverse types of CR-associated relations, including cancer type dependent (CR-target and miRNA-CR) and independent (protein-protein interaction and drug-target) ones.

  • About 6000 items of aberrant molecular change (mutation or dysregulation) and interactions of CRs in cancer development manually curated from 5007 publications.

CR2Cancer provides a user-friendly interface to browse, search and download data of interest. We believe that this database would become a valuable resource for cancer epigenetics research and therapy.

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Citation: Beibei Ru, Jianlong Sun, Yin Tong, Ching Ngar Wong, Aditi Chandra, Acacia Tsz So Tang, Larry Ka Yue Chow, Wai Lam Wun, Zarina Levitskaya, Jiangwen Zhang. CR2Cancer: a database for chromatin regulators in human cancer. Nucleic Acids Research. 2018; 46(D1):D918-D924. [ Full Text ]